Where Jesus Walked

Fol­low your faith-orientied guide on a jour­ney through the Holy Land and on the foots­teps of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Walk along the very paths, Jesus and his disci­ples wal­ked, com­me­mo­rate his birth and bap­tism and remem­ber hist last days in Jeru­sa­lems. Our pil­gri­mage "Where Jesus Wal­ked" was desi­gned with the inte­rests and needs of pil­grims in mind. All over­night stays are in church guest hou­ses and the iti­ner­ary lea­ves enough time for indi­vi­dual or com­mu­nal prayer, medi­ta­tion, and church atten­dan­ces. Please inquire for your indi­vi­dual itinerary.

Day 1
Arri­val Day

Upon arri­val and after com­ple­ting for­ma­li­ties (lug­gage, pas­sport con­trol and cust­oms) you will be met by your dri­ver and trans­fer­red to your hotel in Beth­le­hem - the home town of King David (1Sam 16,1), for which the pro­phet Micha pro­phe­si­zed the Mes­siah to come from (Mic 5,1).

Day 2
The Birth of Christ Beth­le­hem, Beit Sahour, Ein Kerem

After bre­ak­fast, drive to Man­ger Square in Beth­le­hem and visit the Church of Nati­vi­tiy. The church was built on the very spot where Chris­ti­ans com­me­mo­ra­ted the birth of Christ since the 2nd cen­tury CE. After­wards, visit the She­pards' Fields of Beit Sahour, where the arch­an­gel Gabriel announ­ced the birth of Jesus to the she­pards (Mt 2,1; Lk 2,4-11). After lunch, con­ti­nue to Ein Kerem and visit the anci­ent city, today being a part of Jeru­sa­lem. Ein Kerem is an import­ant site for Chris­ti­ans from all over the world who come here to remem­ber the birth of John the Bap­tist and the con­ver­sa­tion bet­ween Mary and Eli­sa­beth (Lk 1). You will visit the Church of St. John as well as the Church of the Visi­ta­tion. Over­night in Bethlehem.

Day 3
The Jor­dan Val­ley Mas­sada, the Negev, Qum­ran, the Dead Sea, Jeri­cho and the Mt. of Temptation

In the early morning, depart for Mas­sada and visit this out­stan­ding archaeo­lo­gi­cal site high upon a steep hill rising at the banks of the Dead Sea. After­wards, stop at Qum­ran for a foto-stop of the so-called Caves of Qum­ran, where some of the oldest manu­skripts of the Old Tes­ta­ment were found. Over lunch time, enjoy a dip into the Dead Sea. In the early after­noon, visit the tra­di­tio­nal bap­tism site Qasr el-Yahud. Many Chris­ti­ans come here not only to com­me­mo­rate the bap­tism of Jesus, but also as the site is belie­ved to be place from where the pro­phet Eli­jah ascen­ded to hea­ven. Later on, arrive to Jeri­cho, one of the oldest cities in the world and take the cable car up to the Mt. of Temp­ta­tion , where Jesus was temp­ted by the devil (Mt 4,1-10; Mk 1,12-13; Lk 4,1-13). Remem­ber the story and enjoy a pan­o­ra­mic view of the archaeo­lo­gi­cal site Tell es-Sultan, the "Wall of Jeri­cho" (Jos 6). Over­night in Bethlehem.

Day 4
The Holy Citym Mt. of Oli­ves and Mt. Zion

After bre­ak­fast, drive to the Mt. of Oli­ves for a pan­o­ra­mic view of the Old City in the early sun light. It was here, that Jesus prayed for the last time and wai­ted the sol­diers to catch him with his disci­ples (Mt 26,36-56). Accor­ding to the bibli­cal tra­di­tion, the Mt. of Oli­ves was also the site of Jesus' ascen­sion to hea­ven (Lk 24,50-51; Act 1,9). Visit the Churches of Ascen­sion and Pater Nos­ter (the Lord’s Prayer) and con­ti­nue wal­king down to the Gar­den and Church of Geth­se­mane with a stop on the way at the Church of Domi­nus Fle­vit. From the foot of the moun­tain, head to Mt. Zion for a prayer ser­vice in the Upper Room, the site Jesus is said to have offe­red the Last Sup­per to his disci­ples (Lk 22,7-23). A room vene­ra­ted by the three Abra­ha­mic faiths. Then, also visit the Tomb of King David loca­ted below the Upper Room. Before returning to Beth­le­hem, visit the Church St. Peter in Gali­cantu, com­me­mo­ra­ting the inter­ro­ga­t­ion of Jesus by the high priest Kai­phas (Lk 22,56-62). Over­night in Bethlehem.

Day 5
The Holy City The Via Dolo­rosa, Cru­ci­fi­xion and Resurrection

Today, you day starts with a wal­king tour of the Old City of Jeru­sa­lem star­ting with the Palace of Anto­nia & the Roman Soldier’s Camp. Also, visit the Church of St. Anne and the Pool of Bethesda (John 5,1-9), and walk along the Via Dolo­rosa, the Sta­ti­ons of the Cross. After visit­ing the first eight sta­ti­ons of the Cross, your tour will finish at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Gol­go­tha Stone and the cha­pel where St. Helena found the Holy Cross. Over­night in Bethlehem.

Day 6
The Medi­ter­ra­nean Emmaus, Cae­sarea Mari­tima, Akko and Mt. Carmel

Bre­ak­fast at your hotel and depar­ture to Emmaus (Lk 24,13-35). Con­ti­nue to the anci­ent Roman capi­tal of Palestine, Cae­sarea Mari­tima, now a pic­tures­que archaeo­lo­gi­cal site. After lunch, con­ti­nue north to the anci­ent cru­sa­ders' fort­ress of Akko. Visit the fort­ress and enjoy some free time in the city before con­ti­nuing to Haifa. Visit the city, inclu­ding the Baha'i Gar­dens as well as Stella Maris Monas­tery. Over­night by the Sea of Galilee.

Day 7
The Sea of Galilee

After bre­ak­fast visit the anci­ent ruins of Bisan and con­ti­nue to Cana (John 2,1-12) and Sep­pho­ris (Zip­pori) to visit Capernaum and Tab­gha (Mt 14,13-21; Mt 8,1-5; John 21). In the late after­noon, board a woo­den boat and enjoy a sun­set sail on the Sea of Gali­lee. Din­ner and over­night by the Sea of Galilee.

Day 8
Naza­reth and Upper Galilee

Depart in the early morning and visit the Mt. of Bea­ti­tude. Then con­ti­nue to Naza­reth to visit the Church of Annun­cia­tion, Mary’s Well, the Car­pen­try of Joseph and the anci­ent syn­ago­gue. In the after­noon, con­ti­nue to the Upper Gali­lee where you will arrive at a very uni­que guest­house con­ver­ted from a monastery.

Day 9
Depar­ture Day

Depen­ding on your flight time, trans­fer to Ben Gurion Air­port or extensions.

Tour Details


All our tours are pri­vate tours inclu­ding pri­vate trans­por­ta­tion and pri­vate guiding.

  • Meet & Assist at Tel Aviv Airport.
  • 8 nights stay in men­tio­ned pla­ces in good middle class hotels or church guest­hou­ses (please tell us about your pre­fe­ren­ces), all over­night stays incl. breakfast.
  • All men­tio­ned sight­see­ing tours, inclu­ding trans­por­ta­tion by pri­vate modern & tourism-licensed a/c vehi­cles (accor­ding to group size).
  • Pro­fes­sio­nal gui­ding by a qua­li­fied & tourism-licensed guide, spi­ri­tual and faith ori­en­ted gui­ding available.
  • Extra time for pray­ers and medi­ta­tion throug­hout the tour.
  • Chan­ces to meet local con­gre­ga­ti­ons and attend local ser­vices (please let us know about your inte­rests at the time of booking).
  • Half board (bre­ak­fast + din­ner, excl. beverages).
  • Recom­men­ded gratuities.
  • Tra­vel Secu­rity Con­sul­ta­tion prior to and throug­hout your tour.
  • Spe­cial ser­vices for church groups and study groups.


We pro­vide a num­ber of optio­nal ser­vices for pil­grims, such like spi­ri­tual gui­ding, ser­vices, or spi­ri­tual exer­ci­ses. Please inquire for details and pro­vide us with your interests.


All pri­ces are inclu­sive of all men­tio­ned ser­vices and valid throug­hout the year except major holi­days during the high sea­son. Please inquire for details.

  • Pri­vate tour, 1 to 2 people: Please inquire for indi­vi­dual pricing.
  • Pri­vate tour, 5 to 9 people: 1575 €
  • Pri­vate tour, 10 to 17 people: 1285 €
  • Pri­vate tour, 18 to 26 people: 1175 €
  • Pri­vate tour, 27 to 36 people: 985 €
  • Pri­vate tour, 37 and more: Please inquire for indi­vi­dual pricing.

Cust­o­mize Your Tour

Please feel free to pro­vide us with your own ideas and pre­fe­ren­ces about your tour. Our tra­vel pro­fes­sio­nals will be happy to tailor your per­so­na­li­zed tour exactly as you want it to be!

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