Christianity in the Holy Land

To Chris­tia­nity the Holy Land and Jor­dan are the most sacred desti­na­ti­ons on earth. Here, on both sides of the Jor­dan River, some of the most remar­ka­ble events in Chris­tian history took place, among them the annu­cia­tion and birth of Jesus, his minis­try and Way to the Cross, but also his resur­rec­tion and ascen­sion. Fur­ther­more, it was from this small strip of land bet­ween the Medi­ter­ra­nean and the vast deserts of Eas­tern Jor­dan that the Chris­tian faith spread all over the world, begin­ning with the work of St. Paul and the Apostles.

With our wide selec­tion of tours, we invite you to tra­vel in the foots­teps of these remar­ka­ble figu­res of Chris­tian history and to fol­low their tra­ces to Naza­reth, Beth­le­hem, the Jor­dan Val­ley or Jeru­sa­lem. Whe­ter you are loo­king for a pil­gri­mage along Christ's paths through the Gali­lee or for an archaeo­lo­gi­cal and his­to­ri­cal intro­duc­tion to the early cen­tu­ries of Chris­tia­nity in the Holy Land, for sure we can offer you a tour mee­ting all your demands and interests.

And in case you may not find the exact tour you are loo­king for, please do not hesi­tate to get in touch with us. Our desti­na­tion experts will be happy to tailor your inti­ner­ary exactly accor­ding to your indi­vi­dual wishes.

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