Palestinian and Israeli Realities

In this tour you will have an in depth look at modern life in Palestine and Israel, com­monly refer­red to as the "Holy Land". You will view its cul­tu­ral ave­nues and its people and being one of the most import­ant, diverse and con­tro­ver­sial loca­ti­ons in the world, you will have the chance to expe­ri­ence its various cha­rac­ters, walk through its history and taste its wonders.

Day 1
Arri­val Day

Arrive at Tel Aviv air­port and after for­ma­li­ties you will meet your guide, board your coach and head to the anci­ent ruins of Cae­sarea Mari­tima, which was given the name by Herod the great in honor of Cae­sar Augus­tus, before con­ti­nuing to your hotel in Tibe­rias for your din­ner and overnight.

Day 2
The North

After bre­ak­fast depart from your hotel and head to the city of Naza­reth with a Chris­tian majo­rity popu­la­tion and the lar­gest Arab city in Israel. Until the begin­ning of the Bri­tish Man­date in Palestine, the popu­la­tion was pre­do­mi­nantly Ara­bic speaking Chris­tian, with an Arab Mus­lim mino­rity. You will visit the shri­nes holy to Chris­tia­nity in this pre­do­mi­nantly Chris­tian city.

After lunch you will con­ti­nue North to Ras Al Naqura, the area bor­de­ring Leba­non, where you will see fami­lies sepa­ra­ted by the bor­der com­mu­ni­cate through yel­ling. Your guide will explain the rea­li­ties of the Nort­hern bor­ders with Leba­non from a his­to­ri­cal and modern per­spec­tive. You will con­ti­nue to Hafia, ano­ther thri­ving city with a mixed popu­la­tion of Chris­tian, Mus­lim and Jewish popu­la­tion. Return to your hotel in Tibe­rias for din­ner and overnight.

Day 3
Naza­reth, the War of 1948 and Nablus

In the morning have a mee­ting with the Naza­reth branch of the Sabeel Ecu­me­ni­cal Foun­da­tion, then con­ti­nue with your guide to visit some Palesti­nian vil­la­ges des­troyed in the war of 1948. During your tour, you will also have a speaker with you explai­ning what hap­pened during those times and their reper­cus­sions on the people today.

Con­ti­nue to the city of Nab­lus which was esta­blis­hed by the Roman Emperor Ves­pa­sian in 72 CE and visit the archeo­lo­gi­cal sites span­ning from 1st to 15th cen­tury. Also, enjoy the tra­di­tio­nal Kna­feh Desert and other deli­cious sweets as well as have a visit to a tra­di­tio­nal fac­tory that makes soap from olive oil. Con­ti­nue to Jeru­sa­lem for din­ner and over­night at your hotel.

Day 4
Jeru­sa­lem, Bibli­cal Sites and the Sepa­ra­tion Wall

Today you will have a free morning to explore the city, mean­der in its ave­nues and watch its people. In the after­noon you will head to the Mt. of Oli­ves for a pan­o­ra­mic view of the city, visit the Church of Ascen­sion and the mos­que build on the site, con­ti­nue down to visit the Pater Nos­ter Church and the Gar­den of the Gethsemane.

After­wards, board your bus and head to the city of Abu Dis and Bethany to view the sepa­ra­tion wall and receive some infor­ma­tion about how people are affec­ted by it. Then return to your hotel where you will have a guest speaker dis­cuss rea­li­ties of Palesti­ni­ans and Israe­lis over dinner.

Day 5
Beth­le­hem, Refu­gee Camps, Hebron and Bedouin Communities

Start the day with a visit to Hero­dium as it is one of the lar­gest archi­tec­tu­ral pro­ject of Herod the Great, then con­ti­nue to Beth­le­hem for a visit of the holy sites and one of the two Refu­gee camps in the city. Have a dis­cus­sion with the locals and head for Lunch.

After lunch con­ti­nue to visit the old city in Hebron, with a pre­do­mi­nantly Mus­lim popu­la­tion of appro­xi­mately 165.000, and an Israeli sett­le­ment with 500 sett­lers. Have a dis­cus­sion on the rea­li­ties faced by the inhabitants.

In the late after­noon, con­ti­nue to visit some Bedouin com­mu­nities to have a cup of tea or cof­fee and dis­cuss the rea­li­ties of Bedouins in Israel before returning to your hotel for din­ner and overnight.

Day 6
Suf­fe­ring on Both Sides

In the morning you will head to Yad Vas­hem to visit the Hau­lo­caust Museum to wit­ness the suf­fe­ring of the Jewish people.

After your visit you will head to East Jeru­sa­lem to wit­ness the suf­fe­ring of Palesti­ni­ans under occupa­tion. Meet with Israeli and Palesti­nian peace groups to lis­ten to the work done on a grass­root and inter­na­tio­nal level. Return to you hotel for din­ner and overnight.

Day 7
Depar­ture Day

In the morning, depart your hotel for a short visit to the metro­po­li­tan city of Tel Aviv and the his­to­ri­cal city of Jaffa, at the Medi­ter­ra­nean Sea, before hea­ding to the air­port for your flight home.

Tour Details


All our tours are pri­vate tours inclu­ding pri­vate trans­por­ta­tion and pri­vate guiding.

  • Meet & Assist at Tel Aviv Airport.
  • 6 nights stay in men­tio­ned pla­ces in good middle class hotels, church guest­hou­ses and pri­vate homes (please tell us about your pre­fe­ren­ces), all over­night stays incl. breakfast.
  • All men­tio­ned sight­see­ing tours, inclu­ding trans­por­ta­tion by pri­vate modern & tourism-licensed a/c vehi­cles (accor­ding to group size).
  • Pro­fes­sio­nal gui­ding by a qua­li­fied & tourism-licensed guide.
  • Nume­rous encoun­ters with the local popu­la­tion and poli­ti­cal activists.
  • Chan­ces to meet local con­gre­ga­ti­ons and attend local ser­vices (please let us know about your inte­rests at the time of booking).
  • Half board (bre­ak­fast + din­ner, excl. beverages).
  • Recom­men­ded gratuities.
  • Tra­vel Secu­rity Con­sul­ta­tion prior to and throug­hout your tour.
  • Spe­cial ser­vices for church groups and study groups.

Mee­tings & Discussions

If you have any spe­ci­fic mee­tings in mind you would like us to orga­nize for you or if you want to receive sug­ges­ti­ons whom to meet with respect to a cer­tain topic, please get in touch with us.


All pri­ces are inclu­sive of all men­tio­ned ser­vices and valid throug­hout the year except major holi­days during the high sea­son. Please inquire for details.

  • Pri­vate tour, 1 to 9 people: Please inquire for indi­vi­dual pricing.
  • Pri­vate tour, 10 to 14 people: 990 €
  • Pri­vate tour, 15 to 20 people: 950 €
  • Pri­vate tour, 21 to 30 people: 890 €
  • Pri­vate tour, 31 to 39 people: 750 €
  • Pri­vate tour, 40 and more: Please inquire for indi­vi­dual pricing.

Cust­o­mize Your Tour

Please feel free to pro­vide us with your own ideas and pre­fe­ren­ces about your tour. Our tra­vel pro­fes­sio­nals will be happy to tailor your per­so­na­li­zed tour exactly as you want it to be!

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