Travel Security

Currently, North Africa and the Middle East are in a very fluid situation and it is  likely that the MENA region will remain in this state for the years to come. Therefore, we perfectly understand, if you are concerned about your personal safety while traveling to Eypt, the Holy Land, Jordan or any other destination in North Africa and the Middle East und we do also understand, if you are currently hesitating to plan your next trip to the Arab World.

We at ITERU take your concerns very seriously and we would like to invite you to seek talks with us on the topic of “travel security”. Our destination experts are continously monitoring the situation on the ground and are also following the picture, English and other foreign media draws on the MENA region. Thus, when you call our Travel Security Hotline at +49 6421 9689417 or write to we are happy to discuss every single place and every single sight you are interested in against the background of the current situation and from the viewpoint of travel security as well as to explain our safety protocols and safety measures in detail.

What we do not want is to convince you against your feelings to take any risk while traveling, but to cooperate with you in making your next visit to the Arab World a safe and responsible one.

What we want to achieve is that you and your fellow travelers and all your friends and family staying behind are looking forward to your next trip and that you will enjoy your tour to the fullest.

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