Travel Security

Cur­rently, North Africa and the Middle East are in a very fluid situa­tion and it is  likely that the MENA region will remain in this state for the years to come. The­re­fore, we per­fectly under­stand, if you are con­cer­ned about your per­so­nal safety while tra­ve­ling to Eypt, the Holy Land, Jor­dan or any other desti­na­tion in North Africa and the Middle East und we do also under­stand, if you are cur­rently hesi­ta­ting to plan your next trip to the Arab World.

We at ITERU take your con­cerns very seriously and we would like to invite you to seek talks with us on the topic of "tra­vel secu­rity". Our desti­na­tion experts are con­ti­nously moni­to­ring the situa­tion on the ground and are also fol­lo­wing the pic­ture, English and other for­eign media draws on the MENA region. Thus, when you call our Tra­vel Secu­rity Hot­line at +49 6421 9689417 or write to we are happy to dis­cuss every sin­gle place and every sin­gle sight you are inte­res­ted in against the back­ground of the cur­rent situa­tion and from the view­point of tra­vel secu­rity as well as to explain our safety pro­to­cols and safety mea­su­res in detail.

What we do not want is to con­vince you against your fee­lings to take any risk while tra­ve­ling, but to coope­rate with you in making your next visit to the Arab World a safe and responsi­ble one.

What we want to achieve is that you and your fel­low tra­ve­lers and all your fri­ends and family stay­ing behind are loo­king for­ward to your next trip and that you will enjoy your tour to the fullest.

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