If you hear "Palestine", you may think of the Jeri­cho Walls and the Nati­vity Church in Beth­le­hem. But, the so-called "West Bank" has so much more to offer. In fact, Palestine is more than a supp­le­ment to your Israel-tour; it's a desti­na­tion of its own!

Beyond well known sites and cities like Beth­le­hem, Jeri­cho, and Wadi el-Quelt, Hebron's Old Town, Nab­lus' archaeo­lo­gi­cal exca­va­tions (Tell el-Balata), nume­rous vil­la­ges in the beau­ti­ful sce­nery of the Jor­dan Val­ley or the 4th cen­tury Byzan­tine Church of Tay­beh - to name but a few - invite for a much lon­ger stay than only a day or two.

Whe­ter you are an enthu­si­as­tic hiker, inte­res­ted in history and archaeo­logy, enjoy culi­nary dis­co­ve­ries or if you are up to memo­rable encoun­ters with an unpar­al­leld wel­co­m­ing atti­tude of the Palesti­ni­ans - Palestine is defi­netly worth an exten­dend visit!

A Note on Tra­vel Security

At ITERU we under­stand, that cities like Hebron, Nab­lus or Ramal­lah may raise con­cerns about your per­so­nal secu­rity during your tour. Yet, we would like to assure you that our desti­na­tion experts are con­ti­nously moni­to­ring the situa­tion and eva­lua­ting the local con­di­ti­ons through our net­work of local con­ta­cts and partners.

Against this back­ground, we cur­rently con­sider the secu­rity situa­tion, as far as it is rele­vant to pro­fes­sio­nally orga­ni­zed tra­ve­ling, to be safe and stable.

You may also visit our Tra­vel Secu­rity page for more infor­ma­tion or con­tact our tra­vel secu­rity experts at

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