Philae Temple


Egypt, officially the “Arab Republic of Egypt”, has one of the longest histories of any modern state, having been continuously inhabited since the 10th millennium BC. Its monuments, such as the Giza Pyramid Complex and its Great Sphinx, besides ancient remains of Thebes, Memphis and The Valley of the Kings never fail to astonish. Extending in both Africa and Asia and homeland of the great Nile River, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and the African Sahara adds to it richness as a diverse and rich destination. With over 90 million inhabitants from different cultural and ethnic groups, Egypt is one of the most populous countries in Africa, Middle East and the world and furthermore it is one of the most dynamic, welcoming and fascinating communities you would ever visit.

Nothing compares to Egypt, not only when it comes to its incomparable ancient treasures but also to its sun, deserts and beaches. Moreover, the fascination of it Coptic heritage making it one of the homelands of Christianity and a country where Jesus himself lived for sometime. And the magical atmosphere of it Islamic history and present. Egypt is not just the gift of the Nile but also the gift of its people.

The following tours are designed to give an idea about the numerous options Egypt offers from vacations, to study trips to adventurous excursions. Yet, bear in mind that Egypt is not only an ancient country but it is rather an ancient travel destination that has drawn fascinated travelers for thousands of years, so let yourself get inspired, free your imagination and let us design the tour of your dreams.

A Note on Travel Security

No doubt that Egypt has been in the headlines and news coverage more than any other countries since the rise of the so called “Arab Spring”, yet in the same time it is a matter of fact that all the thrilling action that was framed in media or news haven’t been directed towards tourism, tourists or touristic attractions.

Currently, there are no travel warnings against traveling to the touristic areas of Egypt and previous negative travel advices were generally directed towards individual independent travelers and not organized tourism. All the places listed in our tours are accessible for tours and are safe to travel to at the time of writing this note unless specified otherwise.

Yet, with our local team of “Tour Managers” and our local partners, we will always update our and your knowledge about the current situation before and during your tour. We will redesign your travel routes and your visiting itinerary to guarantee you the most efficient use of your travel time as well as the most relaxed combination, while at the same time avoiding any unpleasant events such as blocked roads or closed sites. Please follow our blog for continuous update on travel security.

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