Philae Temple


Egypt, offi­ci­ally the "Arab Repu­blic of Egypt", has one of the lon­gest his­to­ries of any modern state, having been con­ti­nuously inha­bi­ted since the 10th mill­en­nium BC. Its monu­ments, such as the Giza Pyra­mid Com­plex and its Great Sphinx, besi­des anci­ent remains of The­bes, Mem­phis and The Val­ley of the Kings never fail to asto­nish. Exten­ding in both Africa and Asia and home­land of the great Nile River, Medi­ter­ra­nean Sea, Red Sea and the Afri­can Sahara adds to it rich­ness as a diverse and rich desti­na­tion. With over 90 mil­lion inha­bi­tants from dif­fe­rent cul­tu­ral and eth­nic groups, Egypt is one of the most popu­lous coun­tries in Africa, Middle East and the world and fur­ther­more it is one of the most dyna­mic, wel­co­m­ing and fasci­na­ting com­mu­nities you would ever visit.

Not­hing com­pa­res to Egypt, not only when it comes to its incom­pa­ra­ble anci­ent tre­a­su­res but also to its sun, deserts and bea­ches. More­over, the fasci­na­tion of it Cop­tic heri­tage making it one of the home­lands of Chris­tia­nity and a coun­try where Jesus him­self lived for some­time. And the magi­cal atmo­s­phere of it Isla­mic history and pre­sent. Egypt is not just the gift of the Nile but also the gift of its people.

The fol­lo­wing tours are desi­gned to give an idea about the nume­rous opti­ons Egypt offers from vaca­ti­ons, to study trips to adven­turous excur­si­ons. Yet, bear in mind that Egypt is not only an anci­ent coun­try but it is rather an anci­ent tra­vel desti­na­tion that has drawn fasci­na­ted tra­ve­lers for thousands of years, so let your­self get inspi­red, free your ima­gi­na­tion and let us design the tour of your dreams.

A Note on Tra­vel Security

No doubt that Egypt has been in the head­lines and news cover­age more than any other coun­tries since the rise of the so cal­led "Arab Spring", yet in the same time it is a mat­ter of fact that all the thril­ling action that was framed in media or news haven't been direc­ted towards tou­rism, tou­rists or tou­ristic attractions.

Cur­rently, there are no tra­vel warnings against tra­ve­ling to the tou­ristic areas of Egypt and pre­vious nega­tive tra­vel advices were gene­rally direc­ted towards indi­vi­dual inde­pen­dent tra­ve­lers and not orga­ni­zed tou­rism. All the pla­ces lis­ted in our tours are acces­si­ble for tours and are safe to tra­vel to at the time of wri­t­ing this note unless spe­ci­fied otherwise.

Yet, with our local team of "Tour Mana­gers" and our local part­ners, we will always update our and your know­ledge about the cur­rent situa­tion before and during your tour. We will rede­sign your tra­vel rou­tes and your visit­ing iti­ner­ary to gua­ran­tee you the most effi­ci­ent use of your tra­vel time as well as the most rela­xed com­bi­na­tion, while at the same time avo­iding any unplea­sant events such as blo­cked roads or clo­sed sites. Please fol­low our blog for con­ti­nuous update on tra­vel security.

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