Kemet Tour

The “Kemet Tour” is our most complete and detailed introduction to the Pharaonic Era of Ancient Egypt. For 16 days you will discover outstanding monuments like the Great Pyramids, the temples of Abu Simbel, the Valley of the Kings, and the Ramesseum as well as the ancient sites of Dendera, Abydos, Kom Ombo and Edfu.

As special highlights, the “Kemet Tour” includes the Royal Mummy Room in the Egyptian Museum, the Solar Boat Museum on the Giza Plateau, a hot-air balloon ride in Luxor and a traditional felucca ride at the First Cataract.


Day 1
Welcome to Egypt

Upon arrival at Cairo International Airport our representative will meet and assist you with passport control, customs formalities and handling your luggage. Afterwards, transfer to your hotel.

Day 2
Necropolis of Saqqara, Memphis and the Pyramids of Dashur

Visit one of the richest and first necropolis of Egypt, Saqqara with the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser.

Afterwards, study some of its very well preserved tombs and learn about ancient burial customs. Then enter the Pyramid of Teti and evetually finish your visit of Saqqara with the Imhotep-Museum.

After lunch, drive to the pyramids of Dashur for a photo-stop of the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. and proceed to Memphis, the first capital of Egypt and see the 10m/33ft Colossus of Ramesses II.

Day 3
Great Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum

After breakfast, enjoy an extensive excursion to the Great Pyramids of Giza, including the Solar Boat Museum, the Sphinx, the Valley Temple and an astonishing panoramic view from the observation point.

In the evening witness the Sound & Light Show on the Pyramids Plateau.

Day 4
Bubastis and Tanis

In the morning, visit Bubastis which was more or less the religious center of the Delta and is one of the most ancient cities in Egypt. Together with your guide revive the feasts of the cat goddess Bastet and discover the interesting cat cemetery with its multiple cat statues.

Afterwards, drive to Tanis. Walk through the ruins of this ancient city which at one point was the biggest city in the Delta! Visit its famous tombs which contained the most impressive golden and silver treasure found in Egypt so far.

Day 5
Bani Hassan, Hermopolis und der Tempel von Ramses II

Start in the early morning and drive to Beni Hassan in the east bank fo the Nile by Minya. Visit the tombs of the local rulers and let the colored relief not only tell you about ancient daily life but also about the political situation of this time.

Afterwards, pay a visit to Hermopolis, a capital of one of the governorates of upper Egypt which was highly connected to Thot, the god of wisdom and has its own sharing in the Ancient Egyptian Mythology.

Also, discover the ruins of the temple of Ramesses II which was constructed with parts of the deserted temples of Tell el-Amarna and multiple statues of Thot as a baboon. Furthermore, visit the ancient basilica which used pillars and even statues from the older temples.

If time permits and if the site is open, stop at the tombs of Tuna el-Gabal for a short visit before arriving to Asyut.

Day 6
Pharaoh Echnaton and Tell el-Amarna

Drive to the site of the dramatic city of Akhenaten (Tel Al-Amarna). Learn about the the significance of the city and revive the conflicts and dramas of this rich period of the Egyptian history. Visit the ruins of the city and its necropolis before driving back to Asyut for an half day of rest.

Day 7
Akhmim, Meret Amun and the Tempels of Abydos and Dandara

Start in the early morning and drive to Akhmim, a city on the east bank of Sohaq with a long history as it is built on the original site of a prehistoric settlement and also the ancient city of Ipu statue of a queen ever found.

Around noon, drive north to Abydos and visit the Temple of Seti I (best known as the “Great Temple of Abydos”) with the famous Abydos King List and then move on to the Temple of Hathour in Dendera, one of the iconic Egyptian buildings, as it remains almost intact with roof and columns, under ground crypts and twisting stairways.

Day 8
Karnak and Luxor Temple, the Luxor Museum and the Sound & Light Show

In the morning, start with a guided tour through the Karnak Temple. Study such outstanding monuments like the Corridor of Sphinxes, the monumental pylons, the Hypostyle Hall and the Obelisks of Thutmoses III and Hatshepsut. Afterwards continue your tour with a walk through the Luxor Temple.

After lunch, visit the Luxor Museum with treasures of the Golden Age of Egypt and in the evening, take a traditional Caleche and ride around the city enjoying the “Luxor City Tour” and the Sound & Light Show in Karnak Temple.

Day 9

Optional: In the early morning, enjoy a hot-air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings while enjoying the sunrise above the the desert.

After breakfast, start your day with a photo-stop at the Colossi of Memnon. Then proceed to the very rich site of the Valley of the Kings with its numerous Pharaonic tombs and the funeral Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, once known as the “Splendor of Splendors”. Afterwards, proceed to the Valley of the Queens, enter selected Tombs of the Nobles and admire the monumental Ramesseum.

In the early evening board your Nile Cruise Ship and sail south.

Day 10: Nile Cruise
The Temple of Horus in Edfu and the Double Temple of Kom Ombo

In the morning, arrive in Edfu and visit the most completely preserved temple in Egypt.

Later that day, reach Kom Ombo and visit the famous Kom Ombo Double Temple with courts, halls and sanctuaries duplicated for two sets of gods.

Day 11: Nile Cruise
Isis-Temple, Aswan’s Stone Quarries and the Nubian Museum

In the early morning, your cruise ship will arrive in Aswan.

Take a water-cab and visit the Isis Temple of Philae, pass by the High Dam and the Old Damand proceed to the Unfinished-Obelisk. In the evening pay a visit to the Nubian Museum, which is ranked among the best museums in the country.

Day 12
Elephantine Island, Felucca Ride and Geziret an-Nabatat

After breakfast and disembarkation, discover the archaeological site of Elephantine Island and learn about its importance for the Pharaonic history. See the remains of the old Satis Temple, one of the oldest Nilometers in Egypt and walk through the excavated remains of an ancientJewish military community.

After lunch on a close-by island, board a traditional felucca and enjoy a quiet sail to theBotanical Island of Aswan. Promenade through its magnificent gardens with plants and palms from the African and Asian tropes.

Day 13: Flight Excursion
Abu Simbel

In the early morning, fly from Aswan to Abu Simbel and visit the archaeological site of Abu Simbel with its two massive temples carved out of the mountainside during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II.

In the afternoon, fly back to Cairo, where you will be met and assisted and finally taken to your hotel or private place of residence.

Day 14: Conclusion
The Egyptian Musuem in Cairo

After breakfast, pay a visit to the monumental Egyptian Museum in the heart of Cairo. After you have been traveling through Pharaonic Egypt for two weeks now, your guided visit to the museum will be a remarkable summary of all what you have visited.

Day 15
Have a safe trip!

After breakfast, be transferred to Cairo International Airport for final departure.

Tour Details


All our tours are private tours including private transportation and private guiding.

  • Tourism visa to Egypt (app. 12 €).
  • Domestic flight from Cairo to Luxor, Aswan to Abu Simbel, and Abu Simbel to Cairo, usually with Egyptair (Economy).
  • All airport transfers in Egypt.
  • 6 nights stay in Cairo,  2 nights stay in Asyut,  3 nights stay in Luxor,  1 night stay in Aswan.
  • 3 nights stay on a 5-Star Luxury Nile Cruise Ship on full board basis (excl. beverages).
  • All mentioned sightseeing tours, including transportation by private modern & tourism-licensed a/c vehicles (according to group size) and professional guidingby a qualified & tourism-licensed Egyptologist (all major languages available).
  • Traditional Egyptian felucca ride in Aswan.
  • A free copy of some of David Roberts lithographs of Ancient Egypt.
  • Admission fees to all mentioned places (app. 230 €).
  • Lunch, when mentioned (excl. beverages).
  • Recommended gratuities (app. 80 €).

We provide a wide selection of upgrades to the services mentioned, such like water, juices and soft drinks included during the whole tour, special dining experiences, hotel and cruise ship upgrades, business class flights, a professional photographer covering your tour, guiding by professors of archaeology etc. Please inquire for details.

Not included: Intl. flights, personal expenses, everything not mentioned above.


All prices are inclusive of all mentioned services and valid throughout the year except major holidays during the high season. Please inquire for details.

  • Private tour, 1 to 2 people: Please inquire for individual pricing.
  • Private tour, 3 to 9 people: 2335 €
  • Private tour, 10 to 15 people: 1875 €
  • Private tour, 16 to 25 people: 1655 €
  • Private tour, 26 and more: Please inquire for individual pricing.

Customize Your Tour

Please feel free to provide us with your own ideas and preferences about your tour. Our travel professionals will be happy to tailor your personalized tour excatly as you want it to be!

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