International Excursions

Dis­co­ver your 'study desti­na­ti­ons' toge­ther with other stu­dents from dif­fe­rent uni­ver­si­ties and even dif­fe­rent coun­tries and join of our "Inte­ra­tio­nal Excursions".

Our "Inter­na­tio­nal Excur­si­ons" are tailor-made tours fit­ting stu­dents' bud­get and inte­rests: A balan­ced mix of visits, encoun­ters and free time to dis­co­ver the coun­try and its people inde­pen­dently have to top prio­rity in all our tours - meet the locals, taste the tra­di­tio­nal cui­sine, share in cul­tu­ral events etc.


  • You are eit­her enrol­led in a study pro­gram rela­ted to any of our desti­na­ti­ons are have a spe­cial inte­rest in the country.
  • Or: You are enrol­led in a post-graduation trai­ning, e.g. church internship or trai­nee­ship in a school.
  • You have valid Inter­na­tio­nal Stu­dent ID Card (ISIC); other­wise, a slightly hig­her fare will apply.

"Bring a Friend"

Regis­ter toge­ther with a fri­end and both of you get 10% of the announ­ced price.

  • Only valid if you are sharing a dou­ble room.
  • Only valid for the land excur­sion, not valid for the attri­bu­ta­ble costs of the flight ticket(s).

"Bring a Group"

Regis­ter a mini­mum of 10 people for the same tour and get 10% from the "Bring a Friend"-offer and an addi­tio­nal 50% of the price (not app­lica­ble for flight costs) for yourself.

  • The 50% off are eit­her valid for 1/2 dbl room or a sgl room.
  • If you regis­ter a mini­mum of 20 people, you are entit­led to a free sgl room inclu­ding(!) the flight and addi­tio­nal 10% from the "Bring a Friend"-offer for all your fellow-travelers.

Cur­rent offers

Below are our cur­rent offers. We are also happy to plan your indi­vi­dual excur­sion! Check out all our services!

  • Safe the date: 01.05.2014.
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