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A good excur­sion to the 'desti­na­ti­ons' of your sub­ject should be part of any study pro­gramm; yet, in many uni­ver­si­ties and facul­ties, study trips are not offe­red on a con­ti­nouus level.

We would like to sup­port you - not only, but espe­cially in case that your faculty does not offer excur­sion. Join on of our "Inter­na­tio­nal Excur­si­ons" or plan your indi­vi­dual study for fri­ends and fel­low stu­dents to Israel, Palestine, Jor­dan or Egypt.

Con­tact us - we are happy to sup­port you in any way possible!

"Inter­na­tio­nal Excur­si­ons" for you study destination:

See all cur­rent offers

  • tra­vel for a rea­son­able price with stu­dents from other uni­ver­si­ties and faculties.
  • enjoy inten­sive visits incl. study mate­rial and gui­ding, e.g. by pro­fes­sors of local universities.
  • get toge­ther with local stu­dents, belie­vers of dif­fe­rent faiths, offi­cial insti­tua­ti­ons, NGOs, refu­gee camps (Palestine) or help in picking oli­ves and learn about local tra­di­ti­ons and stay in local families.
  • extend your stay by arri­ving early or depar­ting late, add ano­ther coun­try to your trip of spend some days in local families.

Plan your own excursion

You and your fel­low stu­dents would like to initia­tive an excur­sion at your uni­ver­sity of faculty?

We will sup­port you in every step from plan­ning your tour to the final exe­cu­tion in the desti­na­tion and help your pre­pa­ring an impres­sive iti­ner­ary easily attrac­ting fel­low stu­dents and teaching staff.

Con­tact us and tell us about your ideas. No mat­ter if you are tar­ge­ting a small clo­sed group or a large num­ber of tra­vel­lers. We will sup­port you hap­pily for any tour to Egypt or the Middle East.

Redu­ced pri­ces in our other tours

  • Against a proof of being enrol­led in a study pro­gram, we offer stu­dents the option to tra­vel for a redu­ced price in our regu­lar tours.
  • Get up to 30% off on selec­ted tours accor­ding to availability.
  • Find all our tours in our calen­der and give it a try - sim­ply send us an e-mail sta­ting the tour you are inte­res­ted in!
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