Our Services

We sup­port you in plan­ning, draf­ting and exe­cu­ting your sci­en­ti­fic excur­sion or study trip:

We get you there:

  • Access to pla­ces and sights dif­fi­cult to reach; e.g. in Palestine (Hebron, Ramal­lah, Nab­lus, Jening etc.) as far as the situa­tion on-site allows.
  • Inten­sive con­su­la­tion with respect to the cur­rent tra­vel secu­rity situa­tion; pro­fes­sio­nal secu­rity con­cepts for your tour, espe­cially in all tours to remote areas (e.g. Libyan desert, nort­hern Jor­dan, bor­der regions).

Sup­port prior to your tour

  • Non-binding and free of charge con­sul­ta­tion by our tra­vel professionals.
  • Group ticke­ting and indi­vi­dual flight ticket ser­vice for early arri­vals of late depar­tures (all air­lines, all air­ports worldwide).
  • Free-of-charge mate­rial to adver­tise your tour (pos­ters, flyer, exhaus­tive iti­ne­ra­ries, digtal/print).
  • Manage­ment of all app­li­ca­ti­ons (online forms) with con­ti­nous reporting to you.
  • Supply of all necessary and requi­red tra­vel infor­ma­tion on visa, health issues, secu­rity alerts, insuran­ces etc.
  • Sup­port in fun­ding applications.
  • Manage­ment of all pay­ments, also directly with your group; full lia­bi­lity responsi­bi­lity as a licen­sed Ger­man tour ope­ra­tor; all requi­red insurances.

Rea­son­ble can­cel­la­tion fees by prior nego­ta­tion; free-of-charge name chan­ges (depen­ding on the airline).

Sup­port during your trip

  • Con­ti­nouus care of your group on-site by our own group lea­ders (if desired).
  • Pro­fes­sio­nal gui­ding by offi­ci­ally licen­sed tour gui­des (m/f); upon prior arran­ge­ment: silent gui­ding or ITERU gui­ding for utmost crea­tive lee­way during your tour.
  • Arrang­ment of encoun­ters and mee­tings during your tour with your or our con­ta­cts; mee­tings with local stu­dents, churches/parishes, NGOs, social ser­vice pro­vi­ders, exca­va­tion direc­tors, minis­tries etc.

Tra­vel security

  • Own secur­tiy manage­ment in all our desti­na­ti­ons; emer­gency and cri­sis response teams in case of ill­ness, acci­dents; sup­port in need of medi­cal con­sul­ta­tion, hos­pi­ta­liza­tion, dea­ling with insuran­ces (all 24/7/356).
  • 24/7 emer­gency hotline.
  • Sup­port with pas­sport repla­ce­ments; expen­diture of costs; con­ta­cts to embas­sys and consulates.


  • Attrac­tive and com­pe­ti­tive pri­cing by direct ope­ra­ti­ons in all our desti­na­ti­ons; spe­cial con­di­ti­ons for stu­dents in hotels, hos­tels, youth hos­tels, church guest hou­ses, desert camps etc.
  • Sup­port in fun­ding app­li­ca­tion; issuing of necessary paper work and cer­ti­fi­ca­tes for your group.
  • Very rea­son­able down pay­ment and final pay­ment con­di­ti­ons; upon prior negoa­ti­ons, pay­ments in parts, even after the tour.
  • Rea­son­ably pri­ced sub­sis­tence expen­ses, e.g. pre-arranged pic­nics incl. bever­a­ges etc.

Are you mis­sing any ser­vice? Please get in touch with us! We are loo­king for­ward to your indi­vi­dual request.

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