University Excursions

Are you plan­ning a sci­en­ti­fic excur­sion for your stu­dents or are you and your fel­low stu­dents plan­ning to go on a study trip toge­ther? We offer an all-in-one ser­vice around your excur­sion or study trip - from the first draft to the final execution.

Besi­des clas­si­cal tra­vel ser­vices (flights, accom­mo­da­tion, trans­fers, gui­ding, insuran­ces) we are offe­ring a wide net­work of con­ta­cts to learning insti­tu­ti­ons, NGOs, uni­ver­si­ties etc. in all our coun­tries. And we are happy to orga­nize mee­tings for you and your stu­dents as well as pro­vi­ding access to sights and pla­ces, which are beyond the reach of most tour ope­ra­tors: Exca­va­tions sights, monas­te­ries and churches, deserts in Egypt, Jor­dan and Israel, refu­gee camps, spe­cial pla­ces in the West Bank (Palestine) etc.

More Infor­ma­tion

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