Grand Desert Tour

As odd as it might sound but the history of Egyp­tian oases extends at least 5.000 thousand years beyond the history of Anci­ent Egypt. Join us on a spec­ta­cu­lar jour­ney back in time and to a fasci­na­ting land­scape of rough con­trasts bet­ween the fer­ti­lity of the oases and the bar­ren­ness of the desert.

Dis­co­ver out­stan­ding mani­fes­ta­ti­ons of mill­en­nia of cul­tu­ral history such like the Gol­den Mummy Val­ley and the Alex­an­der Temple in Bah­riyah, the Cha­pel of Exo­dus in Kha­ri­jah or the Madrassa and Mos­que of Al Qasr in Dakhilah.

Fur­ther­more, tra­vel trough brea­thta­king land­scapes inclu­ding several oases from Bah­riyah to Kha­ri­jah and expect uni­que encoun­ters with the Black & White Desert as well as the edge of the Great Sand Sea.


Day 1
Wel­come to Egypt

Upon arri­val at Cairo Inter­na­tio­nal Air­port our rep­re­sen­ta­tive will meet and assist you with pas­sport con­trol, cust­oms for­ma­li­ties and hand­ling your lug­gage. After­wards, trans­fer to your hotel.

Day 2
Great Pyra­mids of Giza and the Egyp­tian Museum

After bre­ak­fast, enjoy an excur­sion to the Great Pyra­mids of Giza, the Solar Boat Museum and the Val­ley Temple with the giant Sphinx. Fur­ther­more, get an excel­lent pan­o­ra­mic photo oppor­tu­nity from a close-by outlook.

After lunch, visit the Egyp­tian Museum with its rich Pha­rao­nic tre­a­su­res from all epochs of the Pha­rao­nic Era inclu­ding those of Tutank­ha­men and the Royal Mummy Room.

Day 3
Bah­riyah Oasis

In the morning, head sou­thwest to the oasis of Bah­riyah and around noon, arrive in Bawati, a quiet oasis town wit­hin the Bah­riyah Oasis. Check in at your hotel and take some time to relax and refresh.

After lunch, start your tour of the oasis and learn about its dif­fe­rent ways of cul­ti­va­tion and sophisti­ca­ted water system.

Also, pay a visit to the oasis' museum and the Val­ley of the Gol­den Mum­mies with its recently dis­co­vered tombs from the Greco-Roman Era as well as to the ruin of a temple to Alex­an­der the Great.

After­wards, drive into the close-by moun­tains and enjoy the sun set.

Day 4
An expe­di­tion to the White and Black Desert

In the morning, take a fully equip­ped modern 4x4 car and enjoy an impres­sive off-road expe­di­tion through the Black & White Desert­with its magni­fi­cent and very color­ful for­ma­ti­ons and sce­nic panoramas.

Let the warm gol­den sand run through your fin­gers, dis­co­ver the magni­fi­cent crystals at Crys­tal Moun­tain, pass by small oases­li­ning your way, admire the so-called "Mushrooms", bizarre chalk rock for­ma­ti­ons crea­ted by the desert's occa­sio­nal sand­s­torms and much more.

In the eve­ning, while you'll enjoy your time and watch the sun­set pain­ting the sky in a mil­lion colors, your dri­ver and guide will set up tents for the night and pre­pare din­ner. Later in the eve­ning you are wel­come to enjoy typi­cal folk­lo­ric music and share your expe­ri­ence with other travelers.

Day 5
Fara­fi­rah Oasis

After bre­ak­fast, con­ti­nue your tour through the fasci­na­ting land­scape of the white desert and even­tually reach the smal­lest oasis in the wes­tern desert of Egypt: Fara­fi­rah Oasis.

With only 5.000 inha­bi­tants, most of them local bedouins, Fara­fi­rah mana­ged to keep its authen­tic nature. Walk by the won­der­fully deco­ra­ted mud brick hou­ses and visit the famous gal­lery and museum of the local artist Badr.

After­wards, drive to the lush Dak­hilah Oasis.

Day 6
Dak­hilah Oasis

In the morning, drive to Al-Qasr, a vil­lage which was ori­gi­nally a Roman sett­le­ment and later became the medi­eval capi­tal of Dakhilah.

Visit the old town, a laby­rinth of nar­row, mud-walled alleys sepa­ra­ting the nice hou­ses with their ela­bo­ra­tely car­ved woo­den lin­tels from each other. Also pay a short visit to the Ayyu­bid mos­que of the city and climb to the rooftop of the 10th cen­tury madrassa (school) for won­der­ful views of the sur­roun­ding area.

In the after­noon, get to Bir Al-Gabel, a palm-fringed salt lake where you may camp, pic­nic and relax.

Day 7
Dak­hilah Oasis

Enjoy a trip around Dak­hilah Oasis, the last place in Egypt where bufallo-driven water wheels are constructed.

Visit the 1st cen­tury roman tombs (Al-Muzawaka) and Deir Al-Hagar, a temple ori­gi­nally dedi­ca­ted to the The­ban Triad and later rebuilt by the Romans.

After explo­ring the temple, get a chance to bath in the hot sulphur spring nearby before tra­ve­ling to Kha­ri­jah Oasis by road.

Day 8
Kha­ri­jah Oasis

Visit the Temple of Hibis, built on the site of an 18th dynasty sett­le­ment of Sai­tes, Per­si­ans and Pto­lemy. One of the few Per­sian monu­ments in Egypt, this 6th cen­tury BC temple has huge reli­efs of Darius gree­ting Egyp­tian gods on its outer walls.

After hea­ring the inte­res­ting story about the temple, visit the Necro­po­lis of Al-Bagawat and its nume­rous anci­ent Cop­tic cha­pels, inclu­ding the cha­pel of the Exo­dus with fres­coes depic­ting Pha­rao­nic tro­ops pur­suing the Israe­li­tes led by Moses out of Egypt.

In the after­noon, tra­vel to Luxor by road.

Day 9
Luxor: Val­ley of the Kings, Temp­les of Karnak, Luxor and Hatshepsut

In the morning, start with a photo stop at the impres­sive Colossi of Mem­non. Then pro­ceed to the very rich site of the Val­ley of the Kings  with its nume­rous Pha­rao­nic tombs and the giant fun­e­ral Temple of Queen Hats­hep­sut , once known as the "Sple­ndor of Splendors".

In the after­noon, visit the Karnak temple com­plex. Study such out­stan­ding monu­ments like the Cor­ri­dor of Sphin­xes, the monu­men­tal pylons, the Hypo­style Hall with its 134 mas­sive columns or the Obe­lisks of Thut­mo­ses III. and Hatshepsut.

After­wards con­ti­nue your tour with a walk through the great Luxor Temple

Day 10
Have a safe trip home!

After bre­ak­fast, be trans­fer­red to Luxor Inter­na­tio­nal Air­port for final departure.

Tour Details


All our tours are pri­vate tours inclu­ding pri­vate trans­por­ta­tion and pri­vate guiding.

  • Entrance visa to Egypt.
  • Pro­fes­sio­nal gui­ding by a qua­li­fied Egyptologist.
  • Trans­por­ta­tion in a pri­vate modern & tourism-licensed a/c vehicle.
  • Off­road dri­ving in good 4x4 cars with expe­ri­en­ced driver.
  • Accom­mo­da­tion in good hotels or  cam­ping in the desert.
  • ITERU tents (sin­gle tents or family tents upon request).
  • ITERU sleeping bags (sleeping bags for child­ren are available).
  • Full board during the days in the oases/deserts.
  • Half board (bre­ak­fast + lunch) in Cairo and Luxor.
  • Recom­men­ded gra­tui­ties (app. 50 €).
  • All govern­ment permissions.
  • For the time of your tour: Free Egyp­tian mobile phone, inclu­ding 100 Egyp­tian Pounds worth of cal­ling (one per group).

Not inclu­ded: Intl. flights, per­so­nal expen­ses, ever­y­thing not men­tio­ned above.


All pri­ces are inclu­sive of all men­tio­ned ser­vices and valid throug­hout the year except major holi­days during the high sea­son. Please inquire for details.

  • Pri­vate tour, 1 to 2 people: Please inquire for indi­vi­dual pricing.
  • Pri­vate tour, 3 to 9 people: 1150 €
  • Pri­vate tour, 10 to 15 people: 1045 €
  • Pri­vate tour, 16 to 25 people: 970 €
  • Pri­vate tour, 26 and more: Please inquire for indi­vi­dual pricing.

Cust­o­mize Your Tour

Please feel free to pro­vide us with your own ideas and pre­fe­ren­ces about your tour. Our tra­vel pro­fes­sio­nals will be happy to tailor your per­so­na­li­zed tour exactly as you want it to be!

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