Egypt’s Western Deserts

The vast deserts and fertile oases west of the Nile are ranked among the most fascinating landscapes of Egypt. Discover the age-old culture of its inhabitants and enjoy the tranquility and quietness of these remote areas.

Browse through our pre-designed tours and find the itinerary of your choice or receive your individually designed, tailor-made tour from our destination experts.

A Note on Travel Security

The desert areas west of the Nile  from Siwa in the northwest to Kharijah Oases in Middle Egypt  have remained untouched by the effects of the revolution in Egypt. And from the perspective of professional tour operator, there are no reason to suspend any tours in these areas as long as its guided and approved by the Egyptian authorities. This assessment applies in our opinion, also for travel to remote areas of the  The Sahara , with the exception of the Gilf el -Kebir as long as a positive assessment of the situation by the Egyptian authorities and our staff is present on site.

We don’t recommend however any independently and non guided tours outside of the oasis town. Also even professionally planned tours may suffer urgent changes in routes and time tables according to short notice advice by Egyptian Authorities. Please always consult with our specialized tour managers for advice and for detailed information on the current situation , please call our Travel Security Hot line .

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