Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai Pen­in­sula is a tri­an­gu­lar pen­in­sula in Egypt. Bor­de­red by the Medi­ter­ra­nean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the south, it forms a land bridge bet­ween Africa and sou­thwest Asia. With its rough moun­tain­ran­ges, deep val­leys and beau­ti­ful oases the Sinai Pen­in­sula is the per­fect desti­na­tion for excit­ing trek­king tours by foot or camel.

Browse through our pre-designed tours and find the iti­ner­ary of your choice or receive your indi­vi­dually desi­gned, tailor-made tour from our desti­na­tion experts.

A Note on Tra­vel Security

Cur­rently, many coun­tries have issued tra­vel alerts and tra­vel warnings for the nort­hern part of the Sinai Pen­in­sula, due to ongo­ing clas­hes bet­ween the Egyp­tian Armed Forces and ter­ro­rists. The­re­fore, we do not ope­rate any tour in Nort­hern Sinai and eva­luate care­fully and on a day-to-day basis if tra­vel­ling to the cities along the Suez Canal, espe­cially in the north, but also to the desert areas south of the Suze-Nakhel-Taba road is pos­si­ble from the view­point of responsi­ble tour execution.

Fur­ther­more, we are con­ti­nously moni­to­ring the situa­tion in the sou­thern Sinai Pen­in­sula, espe­cially in and around the area of St. Cathe­rine Monas­tery, Mt. Sinai and the clas­si­cal rou­tes used in our trek­king tours. Our moni­to­ring does not only apply to the sites them­sel­ves but all the more to the roads lea­ding to and from this area. Please inquire about the latest secu­rity situa­tion through our Tra­vel Secu­rity Hot­line.

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