Dome of the Rock

The Holy Land

Since the times of Abraham, Mose, and David, the Holy Land fascinates people from all over the world. Inhabited for millenia, the small strip of land nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Desert witnessed great kingdoms’ and entire civilizations’ rise and fall.

From early on, pilgrims, archaeologists, and connaisseurs traveled to the Levante to see the very places, king David, the prophet Jeremia, John the Baptist, Jesus and Mohammed ﷺ‎ left their quenchless traces.

Yet, beyond holy sites, fascinating landscapes, nature reserves, and the unparalleled welcoming attitute of its people make any trip to Palestine, Israel, and Jordan a once-in-a-liftime experience – again and again.

A Note on Travel Security

From the viewpoint of travel security, Palestine, Israel, and Jordan remain, even despite the ongoing conflict in Syria, the fluid situation in Gaza and neighbouring Sinai, very safe travel destinations.

For more detailed information, please contact our Travel Security Hotline.

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