Dome of the Rock

The Holy Land

Since the times of Abra­ham, Mose, and David, the Holy Land fasci­na­tes people from all over the world. Inha­bi­ted for mil­le­nia, the small strip of land nest­led bet­ween the Medi­ter­ra­nean Sea and the Ara­bian Desert wit­nessed great king­doms' and ent­ire civi­liza­ti­ons' rise and fall.

From early on, pil­grims, archaeo­lo­gists, and con­nais­seurs tra­ve­led to the Levante to see the very pla­ces, king David, the pro­phet Jere­mia, John the Bap­tist, Jesus and Moham­med ﷺ‎ left their quench­less traces.

Yet, beyond holy sites, fasci­na­ting land­scapes, nature reser­ves, and the unpar­al­leled wel­co­m­ing atti­tute of its people make any trip to Palestine, Israel, and Jor­dan a once-in-a-liftime expe­ri­ence - again and again.

A Note on Tra­vel Security

From the view­point of tra­vel secu­rity, Palestine, Israel, and Jor­dan remain, even des­pite the ongo­ing con­flict in Syria, the fluid situa­tion in Gaza and neigh­bou­ring Sinai, very safe tra­vel destinations.

For more detailed infor­ma­tion, please con­tact our Tra­vel Secu­rity Hot­line.

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