Islam in Egypt

Islam has been the offi­cial reli­gion in Egypt since the 8th cen­tury AD till today. Howe­ver Islam has been intro­du­ced to Egyp­ti­ans by first Mus­lims of the Ara­bic Pen­in­sula yet over the years the Egyp­tian Mus­lims have crea­ted their own ver­sion of the glo­bal reli­gion, adopting all their cul­tu­ral rich­ness and deeply roo­ted history and identity.

Today, Al Azhar Mos­que of Cairo is con­side­red one of the lea­ding Isla­mic Aut­ho­ri­ties in the whole worlds, the magni­fi­cent heri­tage of Isla­mic Archi­tec­ture in Isla­mic Cairo is an open air museum for Isla­mic Art. If you want to meet with the reli­gion, or it's faith­ful fol­lo­wers, then this tour is a must.

Day 1
Wel­come to Egypt

Upon arri­val at Cairo Inter­na­tio­nal Air­port our rep­re­sen­ta­tive will meet and assist you with pas­sport con­trol, cust­oms for­ma­li­ties and hand­ling your lug­gage. And be trans­fer­red to your hotel.

Day 2
Origins of Islam in Egypt

Visit Amr Ibn al-As mos­que, the first mos­que in Cairo and more or less the cor­ner stone of the city of the thousand mina­rets. After­wards walk around old Cairo visit­ing the Han­ging Church and Bin Ezra syn­ago­gue then later have an open dis­cus­sion with your Mus­lim history spe­cia­list tour guide about co-existing reli­gi­ons in Egypt.  

Day 3
Fati­mid Cairo

Start your day with a visit of al-Azhar Mos­que and enjoy the tran­qui­lity and magic of the space. Then mee­ting with a Mus­lim scho­lar for a lec­ture on "Islam, the History, the Reli­gious and the Philosophy."

Then cross Bab Al Nasir the "door of vic­tory" of Cairo and walk along the 11th cen­tury wall to explore the magni­fi­cent mili­tary archi­tec­ture. Enter the old city again through Bab El Fotouh, the "door of con­quests" and visit the Mos­que of Al Hakim who is con­side­red both, mad and a saint!

Day 4
Magni­fi­cent Isla­mic archi­tec­ture in Cairo

After bre­ak­fast, start your day with a gui­ded visit of the Cita­del of Salah el Din, which until the 19th cen­tury was the heart of Egyp­tian govern­ment. From the edge of the Citadel's pla­teau you will have a brea­thta­king pan­o­ra­mic view of Cairo, the Nile and  if wea­t­her per­mits the Great Pyra­mids of Giza.

Then, still wit­hin the enclose walls of the Cita­del, pro­ceed to the monu­men­tal Mos­que of Muham­mad Ali Pasha, also known as the "Ala­bas­ter Mosque".

Fol­low that with a visit to the gigan­tic Sul­tan Has­san Mos­que and Ibn Tulun Mos­que, one of the oldest and the big­gest in the city with it memo­rable spi­ral mina­ret. After that wan­der through Gayer Ander­son Museum, a medi­eval age house.

After lunch, drive through the city of the dead, where people of today are buil­ding their hou­ses, schools and cli­nics among the gra­ves. Then pro­ceed the stun­ning mos­que of Quaitbay.

Day 5
Gama­lyia Street

Start your day  with a gui­ded walk through Gama­lyia Street and stop at Wika­let Al Bazara, a 400 years old ware house and the Khnaquah and Mau­so­leum of Sul­tan Bey­bars, a 700 years old sufi monas­tery and burial cham­ber of the Mam­luk king.

After­wards, walk through the street with brief stops at the onion & gar­lic mar­ket, the cop­pers­miths mar­ket and the Mos­que of Soli­man Sylih­dar. After a tea stop at the 200 years old Fis­ha­wai Cof­fee House, walk fur­ther south and get into the famous alley Zuqaq el-Midaq the title of one of Naguib Mah­fouz best known Novels. Then to pro­ceed to al-Azhar Park for late lunch and relaxing.

In the early eve­ning have a short walk through the Egyp­tian mar­ket for cloths with brief stops at the Sabil of Moham­med Ali and the Mos­que of Moaeed ("Red Mos­que"). Then through the old gates of Cairo "Bab Zewila" to the "Tent Makers street". Finally get back again to "Wika­laet El Ghory" the 500 years old shop­ping mall which is used now a stage for " Sufi Dancing – Folk­lo­ric Music and Dancing Show" and treat your ears and eyes with the color­ful music of Egypt.

Day 6
The City of dead

start the day with dri­ving  through the city of the dead, where people of today are buil­ding their hou­ses, schools and cli­nics among the gra­ves. Then pro­ceed the stun­ning mos­que of Quait­bay  and Al Emam Al Shafai'e.

Day 7
Isla­mic Art Museum

Enjoy the whole day in the rich museum of Isla­mic Art.

Day 8

Accor­ding to your flight time, pri­vate trans­fer to Cairo Air­port for your return flight.

Tour Details


All our tours are pri­vate tours inclu­ding pri­vate trans­por­ta­tion and pri­vate guiding.

  • Uni­que chance to meet with one of the Mus­lim scho­lars in al-Azhar.
  • Entrance Visa to Egypt (app. 12 €).
  • 7 nights stay in Cairo.
  • All men­tio­ned sight­see­ing tours, inclu­ding trans­por­ta­tion by pri­vate modern & tourism-licensed a/c vehicles.
  • Pro­fes­sio­nal gui­ding by a qua­li­fied & tourism-licensed guide.
  • Admis­sion fees to all men­tio­ned places.
  • Full board during the whole tour.
  • Recom­men­ded gratuities.

Not inclu­ded: Intl. flights, per­so­nal expen­ses, ever­y­thing not men­tio­ned above.


All pri­ces are inclu­sive of all men­tio­ned ser­vices and valid throug­hout the year except major holi­days during the high sea­son. Please inquire for details.

  • Pri­vate tour, 1 to 2 people: Please inquire for indi­vi­dual pricing.
  • Pri­vate tour, 3 to 9 people: 990 €
  • Pri­vate tour, 10 to 20 people: 890
  • Pri­vate tour, 21 and more: please inquire for indi­vi­dual pricing.

Cust­o­mize Your Tour

Please feel free to pro­vide us with your own ideas and pre­fe­ren­ces about your tour. Our tra­vel pro­fes­sio­nals will be happy to tailor your per­so­na­li­zed tour exactly as you want it to be!

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