Jordan Pilgrimage

It is appro­priate that my pil­gri­mage should begin on this moun­tain, where Moses con­tem­pla­ted the Pro­mi­sed Land from afar. The magni­fi­cent pro­s­pect which opens up from the espla­nade of this shrine invi­tes us to pon­der how that pro­phe­tic vision mys­te­riously embra­ced the great plan of sal­va­tion which God had pre­pa­red for his People. For it was in the val­ley of the Jor­dan which stret­ches out below us that, in the full­ness of time, John the Bap­tist would come to pre­pare the way of the Lord. It was in the waters of the River Jor­dan that Jesus, after his bap­tism by John, would be revea­led as the beloved Son of the Father and, ano­in­ted by the Holy Spi­rit, would inau­gu­rate his public minis­try. (Address of His Holiness Bene­dict XVI, Mount Nebo, Satur­day, 9 May 2009)

It was by these words that HH Bene­dict XVI set about his pil­gri­mage through the Holy Land on May, 9th 2009 on Mt. Nebo and by these words he empha­si­zed the import­ance of the regi­ons east and west of the Jor­dan River for those see­king the spi­rit of Juda­ism and Christianity.

The tour below fol­lows the steps of the for­mer pope's pil­gri­mage from anci­ent Gadara (Umm Qais) in the north, down to Petra in the uplands of bibli­cal Edom.

Day 1
Arri­val Day

Upon arri­val and after com­ple­ting for­ma­li­ties (lug­gage, pas­sport con­trol and cust­oms) you will be met by your dri­ver and trans­fer­red to your hotel in Amman.

Day 2
Mt. Nebo, Madaba, Bethany Beyond the Jordan

After bre­ak­fast and a silent medi­ta­tion, head to Mt. Nebo and remem­ber Moses and the people of Israel stan­ding here, loo­king out into the Pro­mi­sed Land, Moses him­self would never set a foot in (Dtn 34,1-5). Visit the church built by 393 CE and have time for prayer or silent medi­ta­tion. After­wards, stop at the Moses' Springs and con­ti­nue to Bethany beyond the Jor­dan, where John the Bap­tist is said to have been bap­ti­zing his fol­lo­wers, among them Jesus himself.

After lunch, arrive to the small city of Madaba which is home to the 6th cen­tury mosaic map of the Holy Land, being the oldest map of Chris­tian sites found to date and an excel­lente chance to fol­low the road you are about to tra­vel. Over­night in Amman.

Day 3
Gadara and Pella

Depart from your hotel in nort­hern direc­tion and arrive to the anci­ent Deca­po­lis city of Gadara (today's Umm Qais). While enjoy­ing the view down to the Sea of Gali­lee, recall the bibli­cal story of Jesus exor­cising the demons (Mt 8,28-34). Fur­ther­more, visit the ruins and then head on to Pella, bibli­cal Pnuel by the Jab­bok River (now Zarqa River), close to Suk­kot (Gen 32,24-30) and head on to Maha­na­jim (Gen 32,2-3). Over­night in Amman.

Day 4
Jerash, Anjara, Tall Mar Elias

After bre­ak­fast, drive to anci­ent Gerasa (today's Jerash), the 3rd Deca­po­lis city on your pil­gri­mage. Visit the monu­men­tal ruins and con­ti­nue to close-by Anjara. Here, in the hills of Gilead, enter the shrine dedi­ca­ted to the Vir­gin Mary and have time for prayer or a ser­vice. After­wards, con­ti­nue to Tall Mar Elias, in pro­xi­mity to Tishbe, the city where Eli­jah the Pro­phet was born (1Kings 17,1). Accor­ding to the tra­di­tion, it was here that Eli­jah ascen­ded to hea­ven (2Kings 2,11) and also the events of Mt 17,1 are loca­ted here. Over­night in Amman.

Day 5
The Kings' Highway

In anci­ent times, the so-called "Kings' High­way" con­nec­ted Mem­phis in Egypt with Resafa on the banks of the Euphra­tes. Along its way, it pas­sed through Helio­po­lis, Suez, Nakhl (all in Egypt), Aqaba, Petra, Kerak, Madaba, Amman, Jerash (all in Jor­dan) and Bosra and Damas­kus in Syria, crea­ting one of the most import­ant tra­vel and trade rou­tes of the Anci­ent World.

Today, you will tra­vel along this route from Amman to Petra through the high­lands of Jor­dan. On your way, you will stop at the anci­ent for­ti­fied hilltop palace "Machae­rus", where, accor­ding to Fla­vius Jose­phus, John the Bap­tist was held cap­tive and even­tually behea­ded. In the late after­noon, you will arrive to Petra for rela­xa­tion and overnight.

Day 6

Today, you will spend a full day visit­ing the most famous and most asto­nis­hing of all Naba­tean cities, Petra. Fol­low your guide through the nar­row pas­sage, the "Siq", that will lead you deep into the rocks, directly into the heart of the anci­ent city, pos­si­bly foun­ded as early as 312 BCE. Dis­co­ver the magni­fi­cant rock-cut temp­les, tombs and hou­ses, before you will head back to your hotel.

Day 7

As a con­clu­sion of your pil­gri­mage and visit to the King­dom of Jor­dan, spend a full day in its capi­tal. Start with the cita­del, a natio­nal his­to­ric site in the middle of today's down­town of Amman and pay a visit to the Jor­dan Archaeo­lo­gi­cal Museum, which is loca­ted inside the cita­del. After­wards, stroll through the Old and New City of Amman and spend your after­noon at lei­sure. In the eve­ning gather for a con­clu­ding service.

Day 10
Depar­ture Day

Depen­ding on your flight time, trans­fer to Amman Air­port or extensions.


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