Deserts & Oases

In some way, the Nile Valley and its delta are considered the biggest oasis in the World. And if the Greek historian Herodotus wrote that Egypt is the gift of the Nile, then Egypt’s civilization and history are to be called the gift of its deserts and oases.

Therefore, traveling through the unique deserts of Egypt is like traveling back in time when the very early tribes settled and planted the first seeds of civilization more than 20.000 years ago. It is an enriching and stimulating journey into the colorful traditions of the bedouins in Egypt and a voyage through their rich folklore and abundant heritage.

And beyond witnessing the footsteps of mankind in the endless Sea of Sand, Egypt’s vast emptiness west of the Nile, interupted only by its fertile deserts, are legitimately ranked among the most fascinating landscapes of north-east Africa.

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