Deserts & Oases

In some way, the Nile Val­ley and its delta are con­side­red the big­gest oasis in the World. And if the Greek his­to­rian Hero­do­tus wrote that Egypt is the gift of the Nile, then Egypt's civi­liza­tion and history are to be cal­led the gift of its deserts and oases.

The­re­fore, tra­ve­ling through the uni­que deserts of Egypt is like tra­ve­ling back in time when the very early tri­bes sett­led and plan­ted the first seeds of civi­liza­tion more than 20.000 years ago. It is an enriching and sti­mu­la­ting jour­ney into the color­ful tra­di­ti­ons of the bedouins in Egypt and a voyage through their rich folk­lore and abun­dant heritage.

And beyond wit­nessing the foots­teps of man­kind in the end­less Sea of Sand, Egypt's vast empti­ness west of the Nile, inte­rup­ted only by its fer­tile deserts, are legi­ti­mately ran­ked among the most fasci­na­ting land­scapes of north-east Africa.

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