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Egypt was always con­side­red a cradle not only for civi­liza­tion in gene­ral but also for faith and reli­gion in par­ti­cu­lar. The rich heri­tage, Egypt holds from the anci­ent Egyp­tian reli­gion to Juda­ism, Chris­tia­nity and Islam toge­ther with the uni­que co-existence bet­ween those reli­gi­ons and the deeply faith ori­en­ted life­style which Egyp­ti­ans have lived since ever, gives it its incom­pa­ra­ble spi­ri­tual prosperity.

Our "Reli­gion Theo­logy Faith" tours will take you beyond the archi­tec­tu­ral and ico­no­gra­phic reli­gious heri­tage of Egypt deep into the ritua­listic and devo­tio­nal style of life that is lived in Egypt every day. Our pro­fes­sio­nal local gui­des will guide you through temp­les, churches, mos­ques and syn­ago­gues brea­king the bar­ri­ers of time and rea­son into a mira­cu­lous jour­ney from Amun Ra Opet fes­ti­val through the burning bush and holy family crypt to the prayer calls of Al Azhar Mosque.

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