Luxury Nile Cruise

Luxor to Aswan

The Nile – Egypt’s lifeline – one of the most famous rivers in the world and on its banks have thousands of years of human settlement left its traces visible till today.

Travel around this fascinating river on the classic route between Luxor and Aswan on board a luxurious cruise ship, such as the ” Sonesta Star Goddess ” (see picture above) or aboard a boutique ship, such as ” Alexander the Great” , or “MS Sudan ” . Or opt for a very personal , intimate travel experience on board one of our Dahabiyyat . With only 12 passengers (on request also less ), discover the Nile and its cultural diversity from all over the rest of board these beautifully crafted sailing ships.

Note on travel Security
The Nile valley between Luxor and Aswan and on over the Lake Nasser to Abu Simbel has not only been spared from the effects of the revolution in Egypt , but can be regarded as consistently safe destination from the perspective of professional and responsible tour operator . For more information, please refr to our Travel Security Hotline .

Image by Sonesta .

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