Accessible Traveling

It is our firm aspiration to enable everybody, irrespective of any physical challenges or mental handicaps, to travel to her or his favorite destination in North Africa or the Middle East. Therefore, our destination experts will carefully examine your individual needs and thereupon tailor an itinerary and all services necessary according to your interests and demands.

Our services include, yet are not limited to:

  • Completly customized itineraries respecting your individual challenges and needs.
  • Extensive consultation prior to the tour in order to make you familiar with the situation in your destination and challenges you may experiences underway.
  • Organisation of all needed supplies, such like wheelchairs, wheelchair suitable (private) transportation, professional assistance, bath lifts, cooling units for your medication, special meals etc.
  • Tour guides specialized in working with physically challenged or mentaly handicaped travelers.
  • Travel assistance from and to your front door.
  • Immediate and professional help in any case of medical emergency through our 24/7 emergency hotline (English, German, Arabic).

Contact Us

Are you planning to travel to North Africa or the Middle East with a physical or mental handicap? Or do you want to make your long-cherished dream of this once in a lifetime tour become reality?

Please get in touch with us for an extensive consulation and professional advice how to travel these countries with respect to your individual needs in mind and in a safe and enjoyable way.