Church Groups

Dis­co­ver this rich reli­gious heri­tage of North Africa and the Middle East, espe­cially Egypt and the Holy Land, toge­ther with your local parish, your bible study group or sun­day school class and bene­fit from our rela­ted tra­vel services.

  • Uni­que iti­ne­ra­ries. No mat­ter if you are plan­ning a spi­ri­tual tour through the Sinai Pen­in­sula or if you are inte­res­ted in an aca­de­mic study trip on the foots­teps of Jesus, our desti­na­tion experts will always be happy to recom­mend cer­tain pla­ces and to tailor an iti­ner­ary exactly fit­ting your inte­rests and demands.
  • Faith-oriented gui­ding. Our Chris­tian, Mus­lim and Jewish gui­des are as much expects for their reli­gion as they are pro­fes­sio­nals in tour guiding.
  • Aca­de­mic lec­tures & authen­tic insights. Espe­cially for groups inte­res­ted in reli­gious stu­dies and theo­logy our mana­ging and our exe­cu­tive direc­tor offer issue-related lectures.
  • Expe­ri­ence spi­ri­tua­lity! Our Reli­gion & Faith tours pro­vide per­so­nal and inti­mate insights into Chris­tian, Jewish and Mus­lim spi­ri­tua­lity and the uni­que living tra­di­ti­ons of these, and other (e.g. Zoroa­s­trism) relgions.
  • Scrip­ture Stu­dies. No other coun­tries are of such import­ance to the bible than Egypt and the Holy Land. Dis­co­ver Anci­ent Palestine and Egypt in the scrip­ture, hear about the many dif­fe­rent ways it is per­cei­ved and relate texts to places.
  • Share the faith! We con­vey con­ta­cts with local con­gre­ga­ti­ons which are happy to share their faith with your group.
  • Meet your church! If you wish, we will orga­nize a mee­ting with the local con­gre­ga­tion of your church.
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