Church Groups

Discover this rich religious heritage of North Africa and the Middle East, especially Egypt and the Holy Land, together with your local parish, your bible study group or sunday school class and benefit from our related travel services.

  • Unique itineraries. No matter if you are planning a spiritual tour through the Sinai Peninsula or if you are interested in an academic study trip on the footsteps of Jesus, our destination experts will always be happy to recommend certain places and to tailor an itinerary exactly fitting your interests and demands.
  • Faith-oriented guiding. Our Christian, Muslim and Jewish guides are as much expects for their religion as they are professionals in tour guiding.
  • Academic lectures & authentic insights. Especially for groups interested in religious studies and theology our managing and our executive director offer issue-related lectures.
  • Experience spirituality! Our Religion & Faith tours provide personal and intimate insights into Christian, Jewish and Muslim spirituality and the unique living traditions of these, and other (e.g. Zoroastrism) relgions.
  • Scripture Studies. No other countries are of such importance to the bible than Egypt and the Holy Land. Discover Ancient Palestine and Egypt in the scripture, hear about the many different ways it is perceived and relate texts to places.
  • Share the faith! We convey contacts with local congregations which are happy to share their faith with your group.
  • Meet your church! If you wish, we will organize a meeting with the local congregation of your church.