Group Traveling

Traveling to Egypt with more than 9 people? Don’t miss our travel services dedicated to groups of every size! For example:

  • Chose your travel dates! Our tours operate whenever your group is ready to go and even if a part of you group arrives earlier or later, we will be happy to take care of them.
  • Create your own itinerary! Tell us what you and your group are up to and receive your individualized itinerary.
  • In-depth visits with extensive explanations and high quality guiding! In every itinerary we include extra time for extended visits or group activities and furthermore, we are happy to recommend professionals of different fields for lectures or discussions and also offer academic lectures on a variety of subjects by our managing director Dipl. Theol. Sebastian D. Plötzgen.
  • Tell us about the character of your group! Every tour is tailored according to the nature of your group and the number of travelers. This includes the choise of visits, encounter, and accommodation as well as the kind of guiding, means of transportation and even the choice of restaurants.
  • Advertisement materials! We help you advertising your tour. Receive posters, stickers or a complete website and make use of our premium giveaways.
  • Special prices for group leaders! Depending on the group size, group leaders travel for free or receive a discount.
  • ITERU group leading! Can’t find a group leader or want to concentrate on other things than a broken fan in your fellow travelers room? Let our professionals take over and leave all practical issues during your tour to us.