Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kur­dis­tan is a fasci­na­ting place of sheer beauty, warm and fri­endly people and a rich and chal­len­ging history. Alt­hough situa­ted in the nort­hern part of Iraq, it is in many ways a world apart. The rich­ness of the hid­den gem of Kur­dis­tan extends beyond its his­to­ri­cal import­ance to its cul­tu­ral charm and natu­ral and sce­nic magni­fi­cence. Visit­ing Kur­dis­tan you will have a uni­que chance to catch this hid­den tre­a­sure before the crowds start to flow. From anci­ent sites, vibrant tra­di­tio­nal mar­kets to lakes and val­leys, Kur­dis­tan is defi­netly such a hid­den tre­a­sure chest in the Middle East wait­ing for dis­co­very. Fur­ther­more, Kurds, people of Kur­dis­tan being so proud of their history, their natio­na­lity they are also remar­ka­bly gene­rous, wel­co­m­ing and so warm and youre encoun­ter with these fasci­na­ting people will give you long las­ting memories.


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